Marie Bruce


breeauna marie bruce

Hello Gorgeous,

It’s Breeauna Marie Bruce, your favorite beauty expert and personal hair and makeup artist! I was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago. I found my love for all things beauty and art as a young child since my grandmother was a hairstylist, and my grandfather was a photographer. My uncle, who I look admire dearly, is into fashion and has always helped me with anything that had to do with a persons aesthetic.

I always knew I loved beauty and the beauty industry but I didn’t realize the career opportunities there were in this field. As a junior in high school, I remember telling myself that anything is possible. I built a professional makeup kit as well as a professional hair kit and I started to practice on friends, family, and even my neighbors! I was eager to learn all face shapes, facial textures, hair types, lengths and different skin tones.

Besides the heavy influencers of art, beauty and fashion in my life I have assisted some of the best artists/stylists in the Chicagoland area. In 2016 I invested into my business and took a marvelous trip to Portland where I was trained by the amazing Erica Carr, Roshar, Patti Dubroff, Gregory Arlt, Sandy Litner and Reggie Wells and many other legendary artists. Not only do I know the beauty aspect of this career, but I do have a strong background in business and marketing. I believe in continuous education and perfecting your craft. Staying up to trend and keeping my clients look as fresh as possible is my job!

My main goal in this industry is to empower women and show how beautiful they really are. From natural to glam, I can enhance your best features to make you, still you. I am here for you whether it is your big day or just a night out, to help you create the look that you desire!

2018 Breeauna Marie Bruce Makeup & Hair Extraordinaire